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Google+ — новая социальная сеть, но со старым спамом…

Только-только зародилась сеть, а уже начались письма счастья от наследных принцев и прочих проходимцев…


From: barr.aguda roland <rolandagudachambers></rolandagudachambers>

Dear Oleg Chirva Greeting to you, I am Barrister Roland Aguda, A solicitor at law and personal attorney to my late client Dr. V. M. Oleg Chirva,a citizen of your country; he was my client for many years. He own a Cement Company and Estate here in Togo, on the 12th June 2007, my client and his family was involve in a plane crash on their way travelling for holidays. Therefore last week a mandate was issued to me by the bank were my late client made a fix deposit of US$4.7Million (four Million,Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) which he deposited with the bank here in Togo, the bank inform me to provide the relative of my late client before 21st working days or otherwise they will confiscate his fund as unclaimed inheritance hence he was deceased and his bank account was dormant. I have made several inquiries at your embassies to locate any of my client extended relatives, this has been proved unsuccessful. Therefore after several attempts to locate the relatives of my late client I decided to utilize this life time opportunity by contacting you to stand as his relative hence you bear the same last name with him. Meanwhile I contacted you on this issue to apply as the relative of the deceased so that all the inheritance fund and Estate will be transfered to you, then on the conclusion of the inheritance claim, I suggested that our sharing ratio will be 50%/50%, but if you have any opinion concern the sharing ratio kindly indicate it on your response. Do kindly contact me directly on my private email adddress ( for more details in respect for the claim of his Estate/Fund valued at (US$4.7 Million) Roland Aguda Esq. LLB, BL No. 45 Rue d’Ministre, Lome, Togo, West-africa. Email;


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  1. Александр:

    Ну в отличие от Нигерийских принцев, принцесс и прочих наследников, тут ушлый адвокат предлагает тебе совершить подлог в особо крупных размерах.
    Выдать себя за родственника твоего однофамильца и отъыметь с ним на паях по 2,35 миллиона долларов.

    Это уже новый уровень «бизнеса».

    P.S. интересно в Того тюрьмы хорошие…

    1. Та самая фигня, только вид в профиль!
      Как обычно, то самой аферы не дойдет — главная фаза (отбор бабла у клиента) пройдет в рамках подготовительных мероприятий!