Нукриани (Сигнахского района) — 15 октября

Программа фестиваля

Программа фестиваля

15 октября, в селе Нукриани Сигнахского района, пройдет фестиваль народного рукоделья, кулинарии и творчества.

На мероприятии будет представлена продукция народного промысла Кахети, пройдет концерт фольклорных ансамблей, выставка-распродажа местной сельскохозяйственной продукции, будет работать грузинская кухня.


Добавка от satemo.ge:
This is third year that in the village Nukriani it became a tradition to conduct festivals of National Handicraft, cookery etc. Financial supporter of the events is organization “Bread For the World”.
In this year festival will take place at the village Nukriani in 15 October; the event will be conducted in the centre of the village, in front of public school at the square.
Organizers of the festival are Community Development Centre and Community Union Nukriani.
During the festival you will have an opportunity to see the National Handicraft creatures from the different municipalities of Kakheti and attend at the concert of Georgian outstanding Folklore, and also to by agricultural products at the agro market. It is great opportunity for you to spend your time in the pleasant environment.

Community Development Centre
Community Union Nukriani

The festival is conducted under the «Profitable Activities Support» and «Strengthening of Cultural-Educational Institutions» programmes. The event is supported by the “Bread For the World”.